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Connie Chang-Hasnain University of California Berkeley USA
Yi Luo Tsinghua University China
Zhangyuan Chen Peking University China
Duo-Wang Fan Lanzhou Jiaotong University China
Yasuhiko Arakawa University of Tokyo Japan

Physics and devices based on nanoscale materials have become key research and development areas. This Symposium will highlight the state-of-the-art in nanoscale semiconductor processing and synthesis, new physics on the tailorable optical and electrical properties, advanced characterization techniques, and novel devices with new functionalities.

Eminent scientists from China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, Sweden and US will cover key areas of nanophotonics with tutorial-style lectures. Three international student/post-doc poster sessions will be held to provide exposure of work by young scientists. Ample time for interaction and in-depth discussions will be available through student poster presentations, two rump sessions, campus tours and various excursion trips , including a one-day trip to the Great Wall and a
2-day excursion to Dunhuang (on the Silk Road).

We expect exciting discussions, invigorating debates and interactive opportunities.  We hope they will stimulate future collaborations and spark ideas for future breakthroughs.  A special issue on IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology is planned for June 2008 on selective subjects covered in the iNOW.

6 pm July 29th to 8 pm August 11th, 2007

6/1/07  Registration on line

6/1/07  Abstract Submission

6/15/07    Registration fee wired to Tsinghua University

9/1/07    Manuscripts for Journal of Lightwave Technology Special Issue

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1. Conference Venue
7/29- 8/1 FIT Building, Multifunctional Hall, Tsinghua University
............. Tsinghua University Map

8/3 - 8/6  Qiu Lin Reporting Hall, Peking University
............. Peking University Map

8/6 - 8/9  International Conference Center, Lanzhou Jiaotong University

2. Lodging
7/29-8/6: Tsinghua University, Beijing
International students and postocs: ZiJing Apartment, Building 23, Tsinghua University (清华紫荆公寓23号楼)
Invited Speakers: Visitor Facility A, Tsinghua University (清华甲所)
.............. Direction to Tsinghua Facility A (Jiaosuo) from PEK Airport
Breakfast: Available at the lodging facilities.

8/6-8/9 :   Lanzhou
International Students and Postocs: Visitor Hotel in Lanzhou Jiaotong University (兰州交通大学育苑宾馆)
Address: 88 West Anning Road, Lanzhou, Gansu, 730070; (兰州市安宁区安宁西路88)
Invited Speakers: Sunshine Plaza Hotel (阳光大酒店)
Address: Chengguan District of Lanzhou City Qingyang Road 428 (兰州市城关区庆阳路428)
Breakfast: Available at the lodging facilities.

8/9- 8/11: Dunhuang
Grand Sun Hotel (敦煌太阳大酒店)
Address:No. 5, Sha Chau North Road, Dunhuang (敦煌沙洲北路5)
Tel: 0937-8829998/8841858
Breakfast: Available at the lodging facilities.

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Rump Session 1: Strategic Research and Engineering Innovation
Chair: Tingye Li, AT&T Labs (Retired), USA

Advances in telecommunication and information technologies are fueled by engineering innovations arising from strategic research. Strategic research may be defined as that mission-oriented research which pursues specific and realistic goals leading to practical applications. Prior to the telecom bubble of year 2000, much of the strategic research was conducted in the industry, while the academe pursued largely fundamental research leading to knowledge acquisition. Globalization and competition led to the dissolution of much of the fundamental and long-range strategic research in the industry, leaving the work to be carried out in the academe supported by government agencies. This rump session will examine the present global research environment in IT and telecom industries, addressing issues relating to industrial and societal needs, incremental and disruptive applications, funding processes and efficiencies, long-range strategic visions, and other matters of cogent interest.

Rump Session 2: Market and Doing Business in China
Chair: T. P. Lee, Bellcore (Retired), USA

With the dominance of manufactured consumer goods, China has now moved into high-tech areas including communications and information technology products. The rump session will invite several business executives to discuss the opportunities and challenges for developing such endeavors in China. Current status and future directions in IT technologies will be addressed and comparisons between the business models in the West and in China will be discussed.


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1.      Campus tours of Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Lanzhou Jiaotong University

2.      Various evening shows and outings in Beijing and Lanzhou

3.      A full-day tour to the Great Wall (scheduled on Thursday 8/2)

4.      2-day excursion to Dunhuang (on the Silk Road): Mogao Grottoes, Mingsha Sand Dunes and Crescent Moon Spring (departing 8/9 afternoon from Lanzhou and returning to Beijing by 7 pm of 8/11)

The Mogao Grottoes, also named thousand Buddhas’ Caves, are located 25 km southeast of Dunhuang County, at the edge of the Gobi desert in north-west China.  The Mogao Grottoes stands as one of the most extensive and exquisite collections of Buddhist paintings and sculptures in the world.  Every surface of the walls and ceilings is covered with painted clay stucco, some 45,000 square meters in all. The Dunhuang caves remain one of the most perfectly preserved of the world's great religious sanctuaries.

Haolin Chen, UC Berkeley

Ivan Kaminow, UC Berkeley

T. P. Lee, Bellcore (Retired)

Tingye Li, AT&T Labs (Retired)

Qiming Wang, Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

Ming Wu, UC Berkeley

C.C. Yang, National Taiwan University

Peidong Yang, UC Berkeley

Jian-Ning Yu, Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Ziseng Zhao, Wuhan Research Institute of Post and Telecommunications

Bingkun Zhou, Tsinghua University

There will be a special issue of IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology based on this workshop scheduled for June 2008.  Attendees are encouraged to submit full manuscripts.  The deadline for submission will be 9/1/07 and details to be announced.