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CONSRT Nano-Optoelectronic Workshop (NOW) and BaCaTeC


Summer School of Advances in Photonics

August 13-18, 2006

University of California, Berkeley


Prof. Connie Chang-Hasnain, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Prof. Markus Amann, Walter Schottky Institute and Technical, University of Munich, Germany


Invitation and call for participation

  Acknowledges sponsorship by:

         CONSRT invite you to attend the 2006 Nano-Opto Workshop (NOW) of our center (CONSRT), jointly with the Summer School on Advances in Photonics of Bavaria California Technology Center (BaCaTeC), featuring internationally renowned scientific and industrial leaders as speakers to provide a panoramic view of the latest ground-breaking advances in optoelectronic devices, physics and synthesis of nano-opto materials, applications and market prospects. Ample time for interaction and in-depth discussions will be available through student poster presentations, two rump sessions, a team-building dinner-cruise with champagne and music on San Francisco Bay enjoying the breathtaking sights of the beautiful San Francisco Bay while discussing recent advances in nano-photonics.




UC Discovery Grant

Accel Ventures

Acorn Campus

NL  Nanosemiconductors


Scope of Workshop and Summer School

          This joint Workshop / Summer School is to provide a forum to present the latest progress in nano-optoelectronic materials and devices research as well as a networking platform to bring together researchers of nano-opto community in US, Germany, Japan, China, Sweden and other countries.  A panel of eminent scientists and industry leaders will lead in the discussion on upcoming applications and markets for nano-photonics, hopefully offering plenty of food for thought.

          The invited speakers will present tutorial-style talks providing broad overviews of their research in the nano-opto area.  Two international student poster sessions will be held to provide exposure of work by approximately 20 CONSRT students, 10~15 German students and several from Japan and other countries. The program is designed to provide ample time for in-depth discussion.  A team-building dinner-cruise is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, followed by champagne and music on a chartered-boat to enjoy the breathtaking sights of the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Two rump sessions will also be held to discuss upcoming applications for nano-photonics.

          The topics of Workshop/Summer School include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Nanostructured materials synthesis, physics, characterization and theory of quantum dots (QD), nanowires (NW) and quantum wells (QW).

  • Advances in physics, design, modeling, fabrication and characterization of ultrahigh speed VCSEL, QD lasers, mode-locked lasers, etc.

  • Physics and applications of ultraslow light and coherent phenomenon.

  • Markets and applications of optoelectronics and nano-optoelectronics

          We expect exciting discussions,  invigorating  debates  and  many  interacting  opportunities,  which  hopefully  will stimulate future collaboration possibilities and spark a few new ideas for future breakthroughs.
          We sincerely wish you will join us in this special event!


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Registration Deadline: 5 pm PDT, August 7

Abstract submission deadline: 5 pm PDT, August 7

Entry for Best Poster Awards Deadline: 5 pm PDT, August 7

NOW acknowledges sponsorship by:

DARPA MTO, BaCaTeC, Accel Ventures, Acorn Campus, NL  Nanosemiconductors, and HP.

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